Sunday, September 27, 2009

One of My Favorite Blogs

When I started posting on this blog, I began looking at some of the other sites around the community. With drug use being such an important topic in baseball, I found that I people had a lot to say. After browsing a number of different pages related to my content, I found a few that I like to visit daily. One of these is, a blog about the most recent baseball and political news.

While a majority of the posts are directly related to the sport, some pertain to current political happenings and war coverage. For those who come to the site just view baseball posts, clicking the headline titled "Baseball-Only Content" will allow visitors to do just that. This is convenient for people like myself who are most interested in what is going on in the baseball world.

The major draw when I first started visiting Baseball Crank was the broad spectrum of information on baseball. Upon scrolling down and examining the left side of the page, one can find articles such as "Changing Pitcher Workloads 1920-2004" and "Hall of Fame Outfielders, 1920's-1930's." Having access to accurate historical data like this is invaluable, especially with the amount of information being posted on the internet today.

After returning to the site over the next couple days, I realized that this was a truly interesting perspective on the game. If I did not have a new post to check out, I found hundreds of others that kept me reading. I'll admit baseball can get a little dry with games almost daily for several months. Baseball Crank examines stories from around the league to keep readers updated and does it in a way that exposes the brighter side of the game.

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