Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Steroids in 2009: 3 Most Interesting Stories of the Season

The release of the Mitchell Report and investigation of players using performance enhancing drugs have turned up some very important evidence. Players are being held accountable for their actions and serving long suspensions during the season. Even though they are annoying and intrusive, sports reporters brought about some very interesting topics in 2009. Here are my top 3 stories related to performance enhancing drugs for this season:

3. Mark McGwire, Hitting Coach of the St. Louis Cardinals
Even though this happened at the end of the season, it caught the attention of nearly every baseball fan in the nation. The man who seemed to hit baseballs out of the atmosphere, the man who has denied ever using steroids, is back. While many of us can remember his good years, the image that really stands out is McGwire testifying before grand jury. This job may be just what he needs to fix his image in the public eye.

2. Manny Ramirez, OF Los Angeles Dodgers
This story was HUGE at the beginning of the season. Baseball was coming to an end with so many big names being called out. It turns out Ramirez tested positive for a banned fertility drug that is used to mask steroid use when coming off a cycle. His sentence: 50 games. Sure, this sounds like a lot of time. The Dodgers did fine while he was gone, and Manny was back for the most important stretch of the season. Either way, LA did nothing and ManRam was a non-factor.

1. Alex Rodriguez, World Champion
Anybody who has been reading the blog could probably see this coming. It should be known that I am not an Alex Rodriguez or a Yankees fan. I just think he performed well under some very heavy adversity. With the steroid allegations, nagging injuries, and disappointing years with the Yankees, the odds were definitely stacked against him. In the end, he put up some amazing postseason numbers and led his team to the championship. Enough said.

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